Meet the Team

Ph.D. Candidate, UC Santa Cruz

Melissa Cronin, Director & Co-Founder

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Assistant Professor, UC Santa Cruz

Roxanne Beltran, Co-Founder

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Professor, UC Santa Cruz

Erika Zavaleta, Co-Founder

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Graduate Student, UC Santa Cruz

Allison Payne, Program Coordinator

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology,
BBFF Graduate Student Researcher 2021 - present


Undergraduate Student, UC Santa Cruz

Olivia Wilms, Program Assistant

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology,
BBFF Intern 2020 - present

Undergraduate Student, UC Santa Cruz

Raquel Lozano, Program Assistant

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology,
BBFF Intern 2020 - 2021

Alumna, UC Santa Cruz

Mia Buak, Program Assistant

Legal Studies, BBFF Intern 2020


Megan S. Jones, PhD is a conservation social scientist whose research looks at gender in environmental conservation, particularly how women navigate challenges to advance to leadership, how women give and receive support, and how organizations can help. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Colorado State University co-leading a National Science Foundation project to test how different types of messages lead people to encourage others in their community to adopt different environmental behaviors. She also works part-time as a consultant researcher and facilitator, primarily supporting women’s conservation leadership programs.

Sara Souza, MPH, CIH, REHS, has broad environmental health and safety experience, with a focus on outdoor work and field research. She's a UC Berkeley grad and serves as the University of California Field Research Safety Program Director, leading initiatives to promote skills-based training, emergency planning, special projects, and education on emerging and seasonal hazards.

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